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Following article should only be used for educational purposes. Author does not condone the usage of drugs, especially not ones that are not legal in the part of the world you live in.
I'm gonna write a fancy science-ish introduction here someday.

Cannabinoids present in cannabis:
Name Boiling point (°C) Key info Information
CBG Information differ between various sources Not-psychoactive; Neuroprotective Non-psychoactive; considered the "mother" cannabinoid because it is a precursor to other cannabinoids. It has potential anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and neuroprotective properties.
THCA 105 N-P; Changes into THC when exposed to heat. Non-psychoactive. Decatboxylates into THC. [more info]
THC 157 Psychoactive; Makes you high. Psychoactive; responsible for the "high" associated with cannabis. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, appetite-stimulant, and antiemetic properties.
CBD 160-180 N-P; Anti-Anxiety; Calming Non-psychoactive; known for its anti-anxiety, antiepileptic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. It counteracts some of the psychoactive effects of THC.
Δ8THC 175-178 Like THC but milder Psychoactive but less so than THC; similar properties to THC.
CBN 185 Sedative; Helps with sleep Mildly psychoactive; usually found in aged cannabis. Known for its sedative effects and potential applications in sleep disorders.
THCV <220 Induces munchies Psychoactive but less so than THC; known for its potential appetite-suppressing and anticonvulsant effects.
CBC 220 N-P Non-psychoactive; potentially contributes to cannabis's overall anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. It may also promote neurogenesis.

Terpenes present in cannabis:
Name Boiling point (°C) Taste profile Effects
Caryophyllene 119 Spices; Black Pepper; Earthy; Woody Pain relieve; Reduces inflamation
Alfa-Pinene 156 Pine; Herbs Uplifting; Increases alertness
Camphene 159 Earthy; Musky; Piney Pain relieve; Cough relieve
Sabinene 163-164 Warm; Pepper; Citrus Could improve oral health
Beta-Pinene 166 Pine; Herbs Uplifting; Increases alertness
Myrcene 167-168 Sweet; Spicy; Mango-like Relaxing; Sedating
Carene 171 Citrusy; Cypress Increases sleep duration; Reduces sleep latency
Ocimene 175 Floral; Cirtusy; Fruity Uplifting
Eucalyptol 176-177 Eucalyptus Relieve sinus and nasal congestions
Limonene 176-177 Lemon; Orange Energy boost; Mood enhancement; Anti-Anxiety
Terpinolene 185 Citrusy; Sweet; Piney Sedative; Insect repellent
Linalool 198 Floral; Lavenderish; Fresh; Sweet Relaxing
Terpineol 218 Silimar to liliac Sedative; Relaxing
Terpenes with higher boiling points have been ommited

At least that's the theory. Now, let's check how it applies in practice, shall we?

All the experiences presented here have been provided by an anonymous researcher at their own will.

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